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5 surprising things you need to consider before installing a solar power system.

With the growing effects of global warming, environmental conservation has become a major priority for all of us. It is high time we think about switching to greener forms of energy. Renewable energy can meet the rising energy demands of our home or business while saving us money on hefty electricity bills. A solar power system is a viable financial and environmental solution for most Australians. However many home and business owners remain uninformed about the basics of solar-powered systems. So what do we need to consider before installing solar panels on our home or business?

1. Know the age of your roof

It’s very important to consider the age of your roof. If your roof is old and some parts of it are damaged, then it may not be the best idea to install solar panels. You should consider the useful time left of your roof before installing a solar power system. For example, if the warranty of the solar panels is 25 years and your roof has 10 years of use left, you may have to prematurely remove the system.

2. Don't fall for cheaper solar power systems

When installing a solar power system consider the quality of the products. Cheap solar panels rarely compare to Tier 1 solar panels. Cheap or low quality solar panels typically have short cuts in the manufacturing process. Making them less durable in the long term. Typically cheaper panels are more susceptible to burn marks and snail trails. These panel faults can pose major safety hazards. So rather than installing cheap solar panels you should always opt for Tier 1 solar panels. These are the best quality solar panels with the least safety hazards. This will help ensure you see maximum return on your investment and safeguard future money savings. 

3. Select the right contractor

When you start searching for a solar contractor, validate that they have the right credentials. Solar installers should be licensed electricians as well as Clean Energy Council Accredited. Solar installation companies should have a registered ABN and be a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer. A contractor who will reach you in convenient time along with providing the best quality products is also important. Ensure your contractor will patiently deal with your demands and queries.

4. Determine your consumption rate

A quick study of your electricity bills will help you in analyzing how much electricity you require. If your energy consumption is less, then you can go for a smaller solar system and vice versa. You can monitor your electrical consumption and then plan for the solar harnessing. Some companies provide systems as small as 1.5 kw which can range up to 50 kw according to your requirements.

5. Maintenance is essential

Keeping your solar panels and roof in a good condition is all about good maintenance. If you are unable to meet the maintenance requirements then there is a good chance that your equipment will not last long. Conducting routine maintenance ensures you see a higher return on investments by safeguarding the performance life of your solar system.  

Whats Next?

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