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Solar Energy

Switch to Solar Energy. 5 Foolproof Reasons to switch today.

Hundreds of years ago the basic necessity of a man were food, water and shelter, but the scenario has changed a lot in the last century. Today, electricity has become a major essential part of modern life. People use electricity for lighting, heating, cooling and refrigeration and for operating appliances such as computers, electronic appliances and public transportation. The overall electricity consumption in Australia has almost doubled in the last few years increasing the rate of energy overall. About 27% of overall energy in Australia is used for household use, making it the second-largest consumer after manufacturing.

Why switch to Solar Energy?

Due to the increasing demand for energy in the country, the energy rates are rising up to 20%. It is safe to say that we are facing a serious energy crisis in Australia. Average electricity bills are to rise to about 5 to 17% due to the recently approved AER (Australian Energy Regulator) network price increases. These heavy electricity bills will definitely take a toll on our wallets and continue to cost us money. We need to turn to renewable energy, which is a clean and significantly cheaper energy alternative. Switch to solar energy and take advantage of one of the cheapest renewable sources. Solar energy is the technology to harness the sun’s energy to make it useable. Now let us see how solar energy works as an alternative energy source for us and saves our money

1. Falling Cost

  • Solar system prices have fallen significantly- The price of owning a solar PV system has dropped to almost half the amount in five years and promises to be a affordable option for homes in the country and also all over the world. With the ever falling costs, the switch to solar energy has never been more affordable.

2. Energy Independence

  • The appeal of greater energy independence- The climb in retail electricity rates are increasingly difficult for household, businesses and pretty much to everyone. Solar power has been one of the popular ways to fight against this trend.

3. Suitable Climate

  • Australia is blessed with lot of sunshine- One of the biggest advantages of using solar power in Australia is due to the abundant sunlight available here all through the year. On average 1 kw of solar capacity installed in Australia will produce twice the power over a year than an equivalent system installed in Germany or the UK.

4. Environmentally Friendly

  • It is clean energy- Unlike Australia’s main supply of electricity which is coal, solar power produces no emissions while generating energy which is a major advantage by environment point of view. It is far less carbon-intensive than coal.

5. It's Cool

  • Switching to solar energy is cool- There are many people who agree over the fact that it is great to produce clean, cheap renewable energy rather than burning these fossil fuels and increasing the pollution level of the environment. The fact that it is possible to run modern day appliances by using sun rays is pretty impressive when we think about it.
So after knowing how it will save some of our valuable energy and also help to conserve our environment everybody must be thinking of installing a solar power system on their houses. While installing solar panels there are serval important things to keep in mind. Ensure that you install solar panels from a reputed company. A reputable company will be able to provide energy solution according to your needs with a professional team at your rescue, along with the proper system design for your house with the best quality panels. And one such company which will fulfill all your expectations is Pioneer solar which is well above the industrial standards of customer service, reliability and professionalism. They provide you the best solar experience with excellence in installation, product and warranty with fair pricing. So do not waste time and switch to a solar power energy system with Pioneer solar.

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