Federal Government Solar Rebate

Federal Government Rebate

Government Rebate

Most commonly referred to as STC rebate, the Federal Government rebate is a financial incentive for purchasing and installing PV solar system. STC stands for small-scale technology certificates. STCs are a financial incentive offered by the Australian federal government to help cover the costs of installation solar for homeowners. The STC rates vary by location and the dollar amount changes with the market

If you are an Australian homeowner you are most likely eligible for the federal government rebate, so long as you are installing a new PV Solar system with an accredited solar installer. Pioneer Solar will calculate your rebate amount based on your system size, location and the current STC price. STCs are deducted from the total cost of the solar system.

State Wide Solar Rebate Explained

New South Wales Solar Rebate

New South Wales

Federal Government Rebate available

Solar for Low Income House Holds is a rebate program providing 3kW solar systems to homeowners on low income benefits. This rebate is available on a trial basis to a limited number of applicants in specific areas throughout NSW. Strict eligibility criteria apply. 

Empowering Homes Solar Battery Loan Offer is another program offered in NSW. Available to select postcodes in the Hunter Region. Homeowners receive a $1400 interest-free loan for a PV solar system with battery storage or a $9000 interest-free loan for installing battery storage for an existing solar system. Homeowners with a grid-connected property and an annual income of no more than $180,000 can apply. Applications are subject to loan criteria.

Queensland Solar Rebate


Federal Government rebate available

Western Australia Solar Rebate

Western Australia

Federal Government Rebate Available

Victoria Solar Rebate


Federal Government Rebate Available

The Solar Victoria Rebate is available to homeowners installing PV solar systems in Vic. The rebate of $1850 and can be paired with an Interest-free loan of an addition $1850. The interest free loan can be paid back over a period of 4 years.

Victorians are also eligible for a Solar Hot Water Rebate of $1000.

The Solar Homes Program is supporting eligible Victorian households to install a solar battery, by providing a point of sale discount up to a maximum of $4,174.

Interest-free loans are not available under the solar battery rebate.

To be eligible homeowners cannot earn more than $180,000 per annum and the home must not be worth more than $3 million.  These applications are subject to eligibility criteria.

South Australia Solar Rebate

South Australia

The Home Battery Scheme saves South Australian homeowner up to $4,000 on their battery installation. The rebate amount is dependent on the capacity of the battery installed. Energy concession holders $400 per kWh and all other households $300 per kWh. This offer is available to only to grid-connected households. To receive the subsidy the battery and installer must be approved under the scheme.

Northern Territory Solar Rebate

Northern Territory

Federal Government Rebate Available

Tasmania Solar Rebate


Federal Government Rebate Available

Australian Capital Territory Solar Rebate

Australian Capitol Territory

Federal Government Rebate available

Solar for Low Income Program is available to homeowners in the ACT with an Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card. This is a solar rebate covering 50% of the cost of your solar system up to the amount of $2,500.

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