Complaint Handling Procedure

Complaint Handling Procedure

The Objective of the Policy

The objective of this policy is to maintain a high level of customer service and product satisfaction, by rectifying issues in a structured and timely manner. Complaints play a major role in the formula for growth and improvement. Pioneer Solar is committed to handling customer complaints as per our complaints policy and procedure.

The objective of this policy is to:

-Ensure customers are informed on our complaint handling procedure

-Create a shared understanding of complaint handling procedures among staff and customers

-Remain consistent and impartial when handling all complaints

-Take into account all relevant parameters of the complaint

-Act in a manner that protects private and personal customer information

Definition of a Complaint 

In this policy, a ‘complaint’ refers to an expression of dissatisfaction by a customer relating to solar products and services provided by Pioneer Solar. 

How a Complaint Can Be Made

By enquiring via our website (

By calling our office on (1300 886 786)

By emailing (

By writing us (8/240 Ipswich Road Woolloongabba, QLD, 4102)

The Information the Customer Will Need to Tell Us 

To properly handle the complaint our office will require all relevant details and documents. Depending on the circumstances our office may need to speak with the complainant directly. To ensure the complaint is dealt with in its entirety the following information is required:

-Full name and contact details of the complainant

-The nature of the complaint

-Details and records of any past attempts to solve the complaint

-Serial numbers and photos of products involved in the complaint

-Copy of the original contract

-Date of installation

-Any relevant documentation to support the complaint

Help When Making a Complaint 

The person assigned to the case will be the primary point of contact. If the complainant is not satisfied with their assigned officer or require further assistance they can contact:

Aspen Taylor 0733356698

Complaint Process 





-Take action


Recording Complaints

To properly assess all complaints our office will keep a detailed record of all correspondence with the customer. This record will include all details relevant to the complaint including fact/s, causes of complaint, actions taken and outcome as well as all associated dates and times. Keeping a full record of the complaint increase the efficiency of the complaint handling process, by ensuring the necessary information is accessible to our customer service and complaints team. It also allows us to improve our service. By reviewing trends and irregularities our team can assess and improve our complaint handling procedure to better assist the complainant.

Feedback to Customers 

Pioneer Solar works to solve the complaint within the first interaction. However, depending on the nature of the complaint, the process can take up to six weeks. In these cases, our complaints team will follow our formal procedure to resolve the issue. The complainant can enquire on the status of their complaint at any time by contacting the complaints team.

Our team aims to acknowledge written complaints within three business days of receiving. In which our team will advise the complainant that the complaint is under review. During this process, the complainant may be contacted, if more information or clarification is required. The complainant must provide any requested documents or information within the given time frame to allow the complaints team to review your complaint in its entirety. Failing to provide information with the given time frame will prolong the complaint handling process.

Once the complaint has been reviewed the complaints team will contact the complainant to advise the action that will be taken. This will be given to the complaint in writing. If the action requires an onsite visit Pioneer Solar will aim to get an installer onsite within a given time frame. On-site visits are subject to the availability of our installers and can take up to 6 weeks.


A Complaint about an Employee

For privacy and reassurance complaints regarding staff members are treated as confidential. The complaints team will impartially review complaints regarding Pioneer Solar employees. To properly assess these complaints against employees, Pioneer Solar will gather all necessary facts and relevant information. For an impartial review of both sides, Pioneer Solar is required to:

-Inform employee involved about a complaint made against them

-Allow the employee to explain their involvement

-Keep employee informed of the complaint status

Our Complaint Escalation Process

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, the complaint will be redirected to management for review. Management will evaluate the complaint from records and any documentation and determine if further action is required to resolve the complaint.

Third-Party Complaint Escalation










Office of Fair Trading/Consumer affairs

137 468

133 220

13 18 82

1800 304 054

13 22 81

1300 558 181

1300 654 499

1800 019 319

If the complainant requires involvement from a third party, they can contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502, the Commonwealth Ombudsman 1300 362 072 or their local ombudsman, or their state’s office of fair trading.

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